Orange Blossom Water: Benefits and Use

Orange Blossom water is also known as Orange Flower water and is nothing fancy but perfumed by-product of distillation of fresh bitter-orange blossoms for their essential oil. The essential water has traditionally been used to aromatise in many dishes around the world (Source: Wikipedia). So, essentially orange blossom water was used to mask away the unpleasant flavor or smell from the food or to add some fragrance to plain water. Apart from this orange blossom water is widely used in the Middle Eastern countries as a medicine given to babies and even consumed by adults for tummy ache caused by gas in stomach. But, as we have seen in the past there is always room for these kitchen ingredients in our beauty products stash as well. So, let’s find out how can we use this product in our daily routine to nourish our skin.


1. Skin Toner: The first and foremost place where you should use the orange blossom water is right after washing your face. Fill up a spray bottle with small amount of orange blossom water and evenly spray on your face. Let your skin absorb this wonder product and follow it with your moisturizer. Since, it is so gentle and soothing for your skin that it is commonly used in baby products in countries like France, it will work well for all skin types including the super-sensitive skin types as well.


2. Facial Spray: Similar to the toner, you can fill up small mist bottles with this orange blossom water to regularly spray your face throughout the day. It works better than all those chemical laden face mists and face sprays available in the market. I usually keep a small spray bottle right beside my work space and keep spraying my face throughout the same for a fresh look. Additionally, it does not even budge your makeup.


3. Make-Up Setting Spray: You can also use this small spray bottle to set your makeup and keep it fresh throughout the day. If dewy look is what you are going for, this product will surely come in handy. Like any makeup setting spray, spritz your entire face with orange blossom water to set everything in place. It works perfectly as any store-bought product, does not budge your makeup and instantly refreshes your face.


4. Addition to Water: Add a few drops of orange blossom water to a glass of water and consume it throughout the day. Drinking water is very essential for good health as well as good skin and if you are someone who doesn’t like water, this is a sure shot way of increasing your water consumption. Our body is 70% water and water is the most important part for our body, so keep refilling water in your body for that soft, supple and healthy skin.


5. Sleep-Aid: No kidding! But, if you are having trouble sleeping through the night, this is sure doing blunders for your skin. Our bodies need an ample amount of rest to combat all the hard work they have gone throughout the day. Now, if you do not get this sufficient amount of sleep it is sure to be visible on your skin. So, don’t let that happen by spritzing a few drops of orange blossom water on your sheets and pillows for its calming comforting effect.


6. Upset Stomach: As mentioned above, orange blossom water has been used in the Middle Eastern countries as a medicine to cure tummy ache, a spoonful can be consumed without diluting for your tummy issues. Again, an upset stomach can lead to acne on your face and other skin issues, so it is always advisable to take care of your stomach for healthy skin. A spoonful of orange blossom water can help you settle your upset stomach and help improve your overall health. Although, consuming it without dilution can be little hard so, consume a small quantity only.


7. Soothing Bath: Lastly, to unwind all the tension, stress and pain from the long day of work, draw yourself a soothing bath with 2-3 cups of milk, some honey and half a cup of orange blossom water. Again, the soothing and calming properties of orange blossom water will relax your body and will work wonders on your skin. This will also help you in sleeping well throughout the night.



So, I am sure by now you must be convinced that how this inexpensive bottle of a by-product can be wonder for your skin. So, go ahead and bring this miracle product in your house now, fill up as many spray bottles with the same and keep them in all corners of your house. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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