Clinique Different Lipstick Raspberry Glace: Review, Swatch and LOTD

One or another Clinique product can always be found in my vanity. I am a huge fan of Clinique’s three-step skincare regimen, but I haven’t used many makeup products from this brand. I have had this different lipstick from Clinique for a long time now. It came as a bonus with my Clinique haul. There are quite a few shades available in this range and the packaging has also changed from the time I own it. These lipsticks have been in the market for a long time now, however, as with the ones that I have, a lot has changed but not the color or the formula. The shade Raspberry Glace is one of the best selling shades in the American market. The lipstick claims to be a sheer, glossy lipstick with a uniquely smooth feel. Also, Clinique calls them different lipsticks, so lets find out how different these lipsticks are. 

What It Is: Different because of its smooth, comfortable feel. Moderate coverage in a remarkable range of shades, from cream to pearl. Every one packed with rich emollients.

How to Use: Prepare lips for colour with All About Lips. To extend lipstick wear line and fill with Clinique lip liner, glide on lipstick with lip brush.

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This comes in a green colored lipstick pack, with the letter ‘C’ on the top of the cap and the shade number on the bottom side. The packaging looks classy, but it comes with it’s own cons. It is difficult to distinguish between shades if you own more than one of these. Also, it is difficult to store it upside down if you don’t have one of those lipstick acrylic case holders, so that the shade name and number are visible. Despite these cons, it is a travel friendly lipstick, as the cap fits snugly and does not open roaming around in my handbag. The lipstick is now available with new packaging in an all silver casing. The new packaging is even classier but the issue of shade identification remains the same.

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The texture of the lipstick is one of the best available in the market. The lipstick is moisturizing and has a nice feel, glides on easily on the lips and most importantly, the lipstick does not has a scent. The lipstick is shiny, not glossy or glittery, but shiny. The formula is sheer and requires layering for the real color to show up on your lips or use a matching liner. (I have heard Clinique’s Crushed Berry Liner goes well with this one.)

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Clinique says that Raspberry Glace is a mid-tone blue-pink with soft shimmer. For me, the shade is a vibrant berry shade pink with lots of frost. But since the formula is sheer, the shade is quite wearable even for times when you do not wish to sport a lipstick. The shade works okay for my medium skin tone, but will work even better on lighter skin tones. This line of lipsticks by Clinique are said to have medium pigmentation and are buildable. On my slightly pigmented lips I need at least 3-4 swipes for some color to show up. There is some shimmer in the lipstick, as I said above which is not glittery. The lipstick looks quite frosty, especially in daylight. I am not a huge fan of frosty lipsticks and I find them difficult to carry. This is why I find it difficult to carry this lip shade.

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The lipstick hardly stays on my lips. With all my effort the lip color is there on my lips for around 2 hours at max. The frost in the lipstick makes it almost non-wearable for me. And, finally as Clinique describes it as a cool toned lipstick, it is meant to suit the lighter skin tones with cool undertones and not our Indian skin tones with warmer undertones. If I apply a few swipes of the lipstick my pigmented lips do not pick any color and if I overdo with the number of swipes, the frost overtakes the color.

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Price: $16

Recommendation: For $17, this is one of the expensive lipsticks out there in the market. The packaging is only okay, the new packaging is something better. The formula is quite moisturizing and glides on the lips easily. The staying power is very low, but that is majorly because the lipstick has a sheer formula. The pigmentation is buildable, but the frostiness in the lipstick takes away the goodness of the color with multiple swipes. The color is purely cool toned and does not really work for our Indian skin tones but on the other hand will work beautifully with cooler skin tones.

Love Meter: 5/10

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