How To: Make Your Perfume Last Longer

When I am walking, browsing, window shopping and sometimes even shopping in the mall, I am shamefully impressed by people who smell good. I give my prettiest of smile when I cross people with pretty fragrances. Now, who doesn’t like to smell good, I mean it instantly adds a little something to your personality. It is easy to apply some eau de Parfum and expect that you will smell good throughout the day. So, you would surely smell good once you step out the house, but how do you still smell good till the time you step back in the house? It sure happens you treat yourself to a new fragrance and you love it but despite those several spritzs in the morning, the scent is completely gone and it’s not even lunch time. So, what do you do other than drowning yourself in a cloud of that eau de parfum. Here are some things you can do to help that fragrance last longer.

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1. Apply your fragrance to damp skin: The key point is that scents last longer if applied on moist skin, so it makes sense to apply the scent after your shower. The ideal time to apply your fragrance should be after drying off and before putting on the clothes.

2. Apply at your pulse points: These pulse points on our body generate more heat, which include the nape of the neck along with inside of the elbows, the cleavage and even the stomach. Apply on any one or two of these places. Also, try applying the scent at the back of your knees and the scent will rise throughout the day.


3. Apply over your lotion: This works two ways, either layer your perfume over a body lotion with the same fragrance so that the fragrances do not clash. Or, layer it over an unscented moisturizer or vaseline on your pulse points. This will help the fragrance to stick on to something and hence, last longer than usual.


4. Do not rub your wrists together: We all are habitual of rubbing our wrists together after applying that favourite fragrance. But, the thing is that this actually creates friction causing heat. And this heat is responsible in speeding up the evaporation process and thus changing the scent. So, next time when you spritz the perfume remember to not rub your wrists together.


5. Apply it to your hair: Now, you do not need to drench you hair in the expensive bottle of your favourite eau de parfum. But, what you can do is spritz your hairbrush with the perfume and run the same through your hair. This will also help in avoiding any dryness to your hair from direct application.

6. Do not store your perfume in hot and humid places: Now, if you live in a place that is hot and humid, you cannot actually do much (:P). But by hot and humid places I mean that you shouldn’t store your perfume in your bathrooms. The heat and humidity in your bathroom can actually break down the scents. You know how it happens that you stop liking your favourite fragrance for no apparent reason. This could be the reason for the same.

P.S. Flower Bomb from Victor & Rolf and Coco Chanel Mademoiselle are two of my favorite fragrances. Do share your favourite fragrances as well..

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